How to Cheat Online Casinos and What Are the Consequences?

Online casinos are offering fair return-to-player percentages while keeping a small portion of all bets (called the house edge) for themselves in order to make a profit. These percentages are different from casino to casino, depending on the license and the type of games it provides. There are plenty of sites that offer reviews of casinos, such as for the Spin Palace casino. The house edge, however, is a single digit number in most cases.

Regardless of that, some people feel the urge to try and increase their odds of winning by cheating. Gambling is both a brick-and-mortar and an online business, with either physical or cloud databases, so there are ways of breaking directly into one, or at least trying to slightly increase your odds of making a profit by applying certain strategies.

First and foremost, it is important to know that any of the following actions may be perceived as a crime, depending on which ones we talk about, and what are the terms and conditions of a casino you’re playing at. This material is only for informational and educational purposes, and with that said, do not try to “cheat” at an online casino by any means.

Vulnerabilities of Online Casinos

Just by the word “online” you can tell a couple of problems a certain casino might face, the main one being a vulnerable database. All the data that comes in and out of a database needs to be encrypted, secured, and safely stored in order to avoid any issues. This is the point where hackers and programmers usually like to strike.

As they are familiar with the code due to years of experience in creating similar systems, they could find one weak spot and make their way into the database. Once they manage to do so, the website is most likely going down. Fortunately, the best and most popular online casinos have the best security systems which are almost impossible to break into, storing all the information about their players as safely as possible. As you should already know, hacking is a serious matter and people ended up in jail because of it, which is why doing something like that shouldn’t come across your mind in the first place.

Bonus Hunting

Let’s pay attention to the more legal way of trying to “cheat” a casino – bonus hunting. The strategy has become extremely popular over the past decade because the casinos are giving more bonuses each year, improving the odds of successfully performing bonus hunting sessions. These are the basic steps of bonus hunting:

  • Look for generous bonus offers
  • Make a deposit
  • Meet the wagering requirement
  • Withdraw money
  • Repeat

There are many steps in between these five, such as applying the rule of 200 bets, where you will be placing at least 200 stakes by dividing the total amount of cash you got by 200 and gambling that much each round. There is no need to make any adjustments throughout the process, as keeping it simple is the key. Of course, the method isn’t always going to work, but those doing it believe that they are more likely to make a profit than those gambling for fun and without any strategy at all. One of the important things is that you choose the machine that has a high theoretical return to the player percentage to increase your odds of winning over time.