Similarities Between Video Games and Online Casino Games

The gaming industry is giant, and there are many companies both big and small that specialize in game development. In fact, all of the big companies in the entertainment and tech industry are now trying to get into the gaming market. We have examples like Netflix, and Amazon that recently started to develop games. Casino entertainment is also part of the gaming industry. Much like gamers that get gift cards, casino players also get freebies. That’s why so many people search for the best online casinos (I even do it in various languages, sometimes I’ll enjoy the diverse selection that pops out after searching “el mejor sitio de apuestas” or “trang web cá cược tốt nhất“). But people usually put this content into a separate category than video games. 

Still, it’s very similar to sports betting and gambling. Even with different categorizations, it is undeniable that there are some similarities between video games and casino games available online. So let’s see what are some of those similarities. 

RNG Rewards

Many games that require players to grind resources, work similarly to online slots. Although the gameplay experience is vastly different, the core principle is the same. You do the same thing over and over until you get the reward that you want or an upgrade.

Although getting a rare item is an amazing feeling, much like hitting a jackpot, players don’t really like this design philosophy. It’s pretty outdated. It’s something that kept them occupied before, but today’s expectations are different, and they expect developers to create more engaging content.  


Another thing that gamers expect to see is high-quality animations. The same goes for online casino games. Modern titles really improved the quality of their animations, and as a result, provide a better experience for the players. Although graphics are not the defining quality they do play a major role in the overall experience, and that applies to both video and casino games.  


If developers want their content to have to stay relevant for a longer time they need to add multiplayer features and player vs. player content. Once players are finished through the regular content they want to compete with others or simply play with friends. This same design philosophy is present on multiple casino sites. A serious casino site will also host poker rooms, as it’s the most popular multiplayer game. 

The reason why more casinos don’t do the same thing is that there is little revenue from hosting poker games. You are paying for server space, but players are the only ones that get the money, so it’s more of a brand awareness tactic.  

Success Dictates Development Strategy 

Finally, both video and casino games are created based on the performance of other games or previous titles. This is why we have so many franchises, and not as many original titles. When a certain genre becomes popular others are trying to mimic its success. The same applies to slots, as developers are always trying to replicate the success of those games that became popular in the past.