Top Social Networks for Gamers

By definition, social networks are dedicated websites or applications that their visitors use to communicate and share information, exchange comments, interact with each other, share images and such. However, take a look at Facebook, for example. It is the biggest social network of today used for everything but at the same time nothing in particular. Even though gamers can connect via social networks like Facebook, doing so on a website or an app that specifies in gaming-related content is much, much easier. There are also various apps in the Google Play Store where you can bet with the betfred promo code whenever you’re feeling bored and want to add some action to your day. 


People have bipolar opinions when it comes to Reddit as some consider it a fantastic place where gamers can spend some time and interact with each other while others think the total opposite. However, what you need to understand about Reddit is that every subreddit is user-driven. Every game and every topic have their subreddit, and the quality of the content and how it is moderated depends on, well, users moderating it. The reason why Reddit is, or should be, a starting point for anyone looking for fellow gamers is because of the insane numbers of subreddits each game has and which are designed so that people of different experiences can chip in and contribute to the community.


Discord is a fantastic creation that every gamer surely appreciates. Those that have never used it are in for a treat and should get it as soon as possible. It is a magnificent combination of Skype, IRC, Twitch and TeamSpeak, all in one. It allows gamers to stream their content to their friends, join a direct call or hop into a voice channel, do video calls, chat, post links and pin them and create multiple channels within a server. And the best part is the servers themselves as anyone can create one. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to join a server and invite only your friends or join some of the massively populated public servers.


It is a common misconception that Steam has only one purpose and that is to serve as a gaming platform or a video game library. If you have ever explored Steam, you surely have noticed the enormous amount of forum discussions that Steam has for every video game on their platform. Not only that, but as you add people to your friends’ list, you can chat with them, join voice calls and track your friends’ activity. Steam also features community hubs wherein players can keep track of the upcoming games or inform themselves on the current game updates and patches.


There are many more websites or apps that offer similar things. However, in our opinion, the three we included are something of a must-try for anyone considering themselves a gamer in today’s time.