Best Websites About News in Video Games

The video gaming market is enormous and ever-growing, with no indication of planning to stop its expansion any time soon. In the world of video games, new games and gaming accessories are continually hitting the market. If you are an avid gamer, it is only natural that you would like to keep yourself updated with fresh news, read a game review of a game you plan on buying or playing or merely inform yourself on the upcoming game releases.

However, that can be tedious and time-consuming at times as new information comes from various sources, and having a website that gathers the information for you makes your life a lot easier. Our list has some of the most accurate and most informative websites that continuously bring news about video games and everything regarding them.


Destructoid offers comprehensive video game reviews, news and video game ratings, making it one of the greatest all-around websites for gamers. These websites are riddled with articles as they often publish a dozen of them a day. Every article works as a small forum post where the users can comment on them and voice their opinion, start a discussion or even ask a question or two.


GamesRadar+ has a great selection of things as they keep us updated and inform us about a variety of things, such as movies, TV series and, of course, video games. Their website is neatly done, and you can easily navigate through it when looking for games to play on XBOX, PS4, Nintendo Switch or your PC. GamesRadar+ doesn’t publish new reviews that often, which is a testament that they take their time reviewing the game thoroughly.

Game Informer

Game Informer is a gaming magazine which also has their own website. While dealing with video games exclusively and offering game reviews, they also have many exciting features, such as the preview category or the video category. The preview category allows you to have a sneak-peak into the upcoming games, while the video category offers can come in the form of a video review or a video guide. In some cases, there are even interviews with a developer of the game aimed to discuss it together with the members of Game Informer’s team.


Metacritic brings the same thing to the world of video games that Rotten Tomatoes does for the world of movies. It might not be the most accurate or the most precise way of reviewing a game as you can not say a lot about any game by rating it with a number ranging from 1-100, but Metacritic is merely there to tell you if the game’s even worth your time. It is not a review website by itself, but it compiles the scores from various sources to give you an idea of how good the game is, which is ideal for those who wish to skip through extensive reviews.


Even though most gaming websites have the same offer, some of them have those special features that you will fall in love with, and before you know it, you will make that same website a place you regularly visit.