Getting Paid to Play: 5 Steps to Becoming a YouTube Gamer

Making videos is hard work, right? Well, for a single person who has to think of a video concept, then put it into action, edit it, add effects, music and then upload the finished product on YouTube, only for it to end up being processed for centuries, this line of work can be extremely tiring and daunting.

In order to become a YouTube gamer, you have to already be an established esports athlete, right? In order to become that, you need to know all there is about it which you can find here. Well, not really, but it can help, as it has many a youtuber. Here is a simple guide to becoming a gaming youtuber.

Content – High Level Gameplay

Chances are, if you are a person who plays a game at an extremely high level, you will be able to break through. In a world where everyone resides at the bottom or middle of the ladder, in almost every game, the top level players are in single digit territories, the very top being 0.5% of the total player base for most games.

If you are good enough, your very gameplay and skills will undoubtedly attract people. Uploading high level gameplay videos, from entire games to simple highlights, will make your journey easier.

A Persona – Entertainment Beats Skill

Some of the most popular gamer youtubers are actually amazing entertainers. Their gaming skills are nowhere near the top compared to professionals or even high level casual players. If you have the personality of a rock, you will unlikely be entertaining, unless you have some extremely dry humor to back it up. Jokes aside, having a persona, like Dr. Disrespect has, as well as many other popular gamers, will definitely help you along the way.

A Lot of Grinding

Gamers are familiar with this term. To grind in a video game means to do something extremely repetitive and unentertaining, to reach a certain level, whether a skill or character level, or your own level. 

With gaming videos and youtube’s own algorithm which favors daily uploads, quantity over quality, grinding will have to be a part of your youtube journey. This has to be the hardest part of becoming a youtuber, because you will stumble and fail multiple times, get copyright strikes and have things be turned against you for no particular reason.

Literally pushing through is the most consistent way of getting to the top.

Advertisement – Not Actual Ads

You have to promote your channel somehow. Social media marketing is an essential part of making sure that your videos are seen.

Even popular youtubers post on Twitter and similar sites when they want to notify their followers that a new video is out. If a new person sees your tweet, they might see your video and even subscribe.

One of the best ways of gaining popularity is being featured in another popular youtuber’s video or stream. This way, you might get a large influx of new followers.

Find Help – Editors, Artists, Videographers

While you probably won’t be able to hire any of these people at the start of your youtuber journey, if you have friends who are experts in the field, you can ask for their advice and even help so that you can get started and be self-sufficient. Growing a YouTube channel is a long and tiring task which requires steady, daily effort. 

With this advice, you should be able to better understand what it takes to be a good gaming youtuber. Good luck and have fun!