6 Great YouTube Gaming Channels to Check Out

Everybody needs something to be entertained. Some people prefer sports. They watch their favorite athletes do what they do best and score goals, hoops, or points in whichever sports it is they love. Some like betting online or even gambling, finding entertainment in spinning wheels and holding a poker face. Some use bonus codes like this N1 Casino Bonus Code, to get the best out of their experience.

What about those who are not strictly into sports, but prefer esports and gaming? Entertainment can be found on streaming sites like Twitch. What if you can’t actually watch an entire stream. Surely, then, videos would have to suffice. YouTube comes to the rescue with its many gaming channels. Here are the best gaming channels to watch on YouTube.


Well, this had to be mentioned. Felix has over 106 million subscribers. He is the quintessential youtuber. All jokes aside, what started as a gaming channel quickly turned into a meme channel and as it grew, things became quite wild. It is more of a meme channel nowadays, than it is a gaming channel, but gaming is one of the recurring and most frequent subjects. One thing is for sure, PewDiePie is very entertaining.


Markiplier has 26 million subscribers and counting. That is still a lot of subscribers, by every single standard. Mark is a gamer and he focuses most of his content on gaming. Whether let’s play or top videos, or simply put, gaming highlights and compilations, every gamer can find a bit of something here.

IGN Entertainment

Belonging to popular gaming site IGN, their YouTube channel IGNentertainment is a popular place for gamers of all sorts. They cover everything gaming-related, from new and upcoming games to highlights and news regarding gaming, such as details on new consoles, devices and such. With 13.9 million subscribers, they are a great source of entertainment and useful information.


Eric is an avid gamer and extremely talented musician. He recently posted a video of him playing alongside Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li. They played his own song, Ascend. When he’s not covering every single song out there, by ear, he is playing Rainbow Six and making gaming videos. You get a best of both worlds, gaming and music.


Fortnite prodigy and massively popular gamer and streamer, Ninja, is one of the most cherished gaming personalities. Tyler Blevins plays many shooters, but he’s made his fame by playing Fortnite. His hair always in a wacky color, he’s most likely to entertain you as he is to blow you away with his shooting skills.


TheScore is an esports channel. That being said, esports is completely gaming-related. If you want to catch up on the latest news in esports, this is the place to be. They also cover esports personalities and they do it well.

These are the top gaming channels you should visit if you want a variety of content, from gaming, to memes and even esports and music. Have fun!