How to Build a Beginner Gaming PC

Building your first gaming PC can be a challenging task. However, in the end, you will get a high-quality gaming machine that surpasses any smartphone or gaming console. Moreover, this same PC can be used for additional operations like editing videos, music, surfing the web looking for an online gambling nz codes, and typing up word documents. With appropriate maintenance, even a beginner gaming PC can last for a long time – more than five years. 

If you are just now learning how to set up your very own gaming PC, there are a couple of things that you should know. In this article, we’ll cover the basic things that you need to know before the entire process of building begins.

Invest In A Good Graphic Card

It’s no secret that these days graphic cards are in high demand due to the overwhelming power that is needed for computers that are used for crypto mining. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a graphic card for your beginner gaming PC. It only means that you need to find the right one that will fit your budget, but also that will serve you well for your future gaming adventures.

The GPU (the graphics processing unit), aka the graphic card, could be the most important part of your future PC since it serves to render images from the PC and display them on the monitor. So, the better the graphic card the higher the quality of your gaming experience. 

Think Hard Before Buying a Processor

The CPU or the central processing unit is the core component of every computer since it’s the thing that makes your PC run. With a good processor, the information from both your hardware and software will travel faster. 

Motherboard and RAM

Your hardware wouldn’t be able to function without a motherboard. The crucial thing that you need to know about motherboards is that they sometimes come with integrated GPU, so be careful when buying one.

RAM or the memory of your computer will define how much information your PC can process at any moment. This component is essential for gaming computers.

With more RAM memory your future PC will be able to process more data which will ultimately affect the quality of your gameplay. 


The more games you play, the more files you will save that will eventually affect the overall performance of your PC. If you want your gaming computer to work smoothly, then you should consider getting an external (SSD) or internal (HDD) storage unit, where you will keep all of your files. 

The Case

The case of your PC will depend on your aesthetic preference. However, you should keep in mind that if you can buy a case with some additional cooling, your gaming PC will probably last longer.