How to Decide Which Gaming Console to Buy

Playing video games on any gaming console is a lot of fun. However, it’s important to establish two universal gaming truths before moving on:

  • Not all video games are equally fun for all players.
  • Not all types of games play equally well on all consoles.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, we can move on to showing you how to choose the best gaming console for your needs. To do it quickly and without any future regrets, you should answer a set of simple questions designed to make the choice clearer to you.

Let’s see what these questions are and why they are important.

What Kind of Games Do You Play?

Modern gaming consoles are highly versatile and support a large number of games that differ in genre and style. However, the majority of consoles are usually better suited for a certain type of games compared to others, so do your research before purchasing.

Consider what kind of games you will be playing most of the time and match your preferences with the perfect console.

What Is Your Budget?

The times when you had to break the bank to purchase a gaming console are long gone. They are much more affordable today, with an average price tag of $300-$500. However, a few extra hundreds of dollars can make a huge difference.

For example, a more expensive console might support 4K gaming and have larger memory, which means you can have more game titles at the ready. However, if you do not have a 4K TV, then what’s the purpose of spending the extra money?

Do You Want to Play Online or Offline?

Most modern games today are played online, which is an important aspect of the gaming experience. Do you wish to be a part of the online gaming world? If yes, then Xbox 360 could be the best choice since it offers the best online experience; however, you need to pay a considerable price to be able to fully enjoy it. On the other hand, online gaming on PlayStation and Nintendo Wii is free, but its quality is not fully on par with Xbox 360.


Are You Planning to Use Peripherals?

Consoles differ in available peripherals as well. If you plan to use them, you should research each one and see which ones are supported. For example, PlayStation has Move, and Xbox 360 has Kinect. Nintendo Wii has some peripherals as well, so decide which ones are best for the games you plan on playing.


As you can see, buying a gaming console is not rocket science if you know what you need. Therefore, before heading to the shop, make sure to give these questions a thought and write the answers down.