Should You Purchase Game Strategy Books?

The first time you ever played a video game was probably a while ago, but can you remember what you were feeling during that moment? Were you happy, confused, or excited? Chances are you were impressed by the fact that technology had come a long way, and all you wanted to do is play more. Same with online casinos for example, because people tend to ignore how far the technology for those games has developed. That’s because your main goal was to explore and get better at the game you were playing. The fun part of learning is that you get to do it yourself by making mistakes and starting over and over again until you succeed to play through certain points in the game.

Eventually, you transition into another game that requires you to start from the very beginning, regardless of your previous experience. However, you will most likely be better at it at first, compared to someone who is a complete newbie to the video gaming world.

Educate Yourself Before Playing

One of the ways of how you might gain a slight edge over other players is by going through official strategy books published by the game’s developers prior to the game’s official release. Unfortunately, this won’t help you much if you are playing a video game for the first time, but as an experienced gamer and possibly a speed runner, you might as well use any resource of knowledge out there in order to complete the game as soon as possible.

The great thing about books nowadays is that you can get them in three different forms:

  • Printed books
  • Kindle books
  • Audio books

It is up to you to decide which one you are going for, as factors, such as the price, endurance, and personal preference might affect your final decision. The printed version is always the most expensive one, followed by Kindle and audio books.

Who Should Buy These Books?

The game is out there and so you can buy and play it. Others are posting videos about it, there are thousands of free online guides available, hundreds of YouTubers doing various walkthroughs, and so on. Are you going to buy one of the books and spend $10 or even more, or are you going to browse through countless free options out there? The answer is evident. Who wants to buy, say, the “Fortnite Guide” book, when you can find all the info and hundreds of different playstyle guides online and for free?

Collector’s Edition

However, there is one exception when it comes to buying game strategy books – the collector’s edition. Extremely popular game series coming out every couple of years usually have complete official guide releases along with the game, which you can often get hold of through the presale purchase.

Some of the most popular releases in the past year or so were:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – $33.57 hardcover
  • Fallout 76 – $50.00
  • Super Smash Bros – $40.00

These are the prices of official guide books collector’s edition for each game. If you are an enthusiast, a collector, or just a fan of reading, you might as well purchase the book, as it’s something that will definitely help you improve your gameplay.